Only on Maniaplanet

May the wheel be ever in your favor!

** Currently reviving from MP3 ** IN PROGRESS **
Status : See bottom page.

Are u lucky? Try it out here! 36 variations of 4 basic weapons combined with reload and armor multipliers. Lucky #0? SPECIAL TIME!!

Written in de maniaplanet 3 beta's as part of trying out what i could do with custom weapons. After a few hard years i recently re-joined Maniaplanet and discovered how much this title is missed.

The last couple of days i have been busy at it, and now u can play it again the way the first version was released with rockets, nucleus, laser and arrow. For those of you remembering the versions that develloped after that with al the specials, that is the next thing i am looking in to.

For those who do not know, if the title is fully restored, you can expect Bouncing Balls, Foton Beams, Homing Missiles, and a Nulear Bomb. Are u the luckiest of the luckiest? In the slightest chance you will get the Armaggadon option. Unleash a field clearing meteor shower and clear the field! (including yourself ofcourse) ^^


Status : Playable > A testserver is online
Normal roulette powerups : Working properly
Special 0 and special time weapons:
- Nuclear Bomb > Working (cloudmushroom effect fragmented by mp4)
- Humming balls > Entered instead of beam nuclear. (needs OnPlayerHit fixed)
- Homing Arrow > Working (not yet tested with multiple players)
- Bouncing Balls > Working (working, no issues found yet)
- Rainfire > Working (no issues found yet)
- Meteor Shower > Working (Partially, number of fragment does not correspond to config)
- Move > FireInTheHole > Not working (disabled on testserver)
* Note for server owners : The titlepack at this moment runs on backwards compatibility. I do not know how long this will stay working. I am planning to look into rewriting it completly for future use.




Includes elements from the Shootmania shooter game series.

This Title runs only on Maniaplanet.

Crafted by LGCWeerWolf
Made in Royal Roulette
Published 5 years ago
Updated 5 months ago