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Because TrackMania deserves to be fun

Are you tired of the dull "competitive scene" of TrackMania? Would you like to waste your life by doing something else than hunting your grandma's A08 personal best? Looking for some fresh, entertaining experience? Try out Galaxy!

Galaxy is different than anything else in TrackMania. It's an ever-expanding collection of various game modes introducing new gameplay mechanics and tactics to learn. Run for your freedom as a thief or execute the law as a cop in an intensive Pursuit match. Discover a new way of racing by hunting checkpoints in Goal Hunt. Hunt your opponents and avoid being hunted in Hunters. And yet, there's still much more to come in the future!

Galaxy comes with several original game modes:
Pursuit - The legendary game of cops vs robbers!
Hunters - Catch your opponents to score points and avoid getting caught.
Goal Hunt - Race against others... in a checkpoint hunting battle.

If you can't play the multienvironment variant of Galaxy, try the Stadium one!



Includes elements from the Trackmania racing game series.


Includes multiplayer game modes.


Multiplayer game modes compatible with matchmaking.

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Published 9 years ago
Updated 4 years ago