Only on Maniaplanet

Pick your cards and blast your opponents!

2 modes available : FFA and Teams (2v2 or 3v3) !

CardMelee is a mode for 3 to 6 players, based on Melee, but with cards that define your weapon, ammos and different powers.

By default, a game of CardMelee is 3 rounds of 4 minutes. At the beginning of each round, players pick cards to get weapon and other bonus (it s called the draft).
After the draft, the melee takes place with a particular rule : if you hit the leader and he/she has more points than you, you get 2 points, otherwise, you get 1 point. This rules makes closer games, with more possibilities to come back if you had a bad round.
At the end of the round, you can choose a card among your non-weapon cards you will keep for the next round. Then the next round begins with the draft.

And at the end of the 3rd round, the player with more points wins the map.

A custom KillFeed helps you to not miss out on what`s going on in the game!



Includes elements from the Shootmania shooter game series.


Includes multiplayer game modes.

This Title runs only on Maniaplanet.

Crafted by `Fadden`
Published 10 years ago
Updated 2 years ago