TrackMania² United Forever TP Update 2.0!

Posted on TrackMania² UNITED Stadium 2 years ago

What does it offer to you?
- 7 environments of TM1
- classis musics
- 7 vehicles with unique physics (also with sounds)
- many campaign tracks
- TMU(N)F stadium mod and other 6 mods
- TMUF's menu and icons
- skillpoints in the campaign
- it's free ;)
- even more...

What's new?
- snow, desert, island, coast, environments are rebuilt
- new blocks for bay, desert, island, snow, rally
- island, coast, desert, rally, stadium mods are updated
- base TMValley (if you want to play stadium maps, load TM2 Stadium title before you play)
- new solo manialinks
- new menu manialinks updated to ML 3 version
- new textures
- less size

Have fun!