TrackMania One - Speed | Platform Mode Out Now!

Posted on Trackmania² Valley via UNBITN 2 years ago

We're extremely delighted to supply you with content again!

After more than a year silence around our fresh Speed environment - you are now facing new solo challenges to beat!

Our community has gathered again to build a new official campaign: Platform! This highly anticipated classic gamemode made its comeback with the Alpine environment two years ago, so now it is time to explore the new playgrounds in Speed.

Have fun on 25 extremely challenging campaign tracks and try to finish them with the least amount of respawns. Who will climb the ladder first?

If you want to see an impression right away, make sure to check out the Platform trailer by PuriPictures.

Thanks again to our wonderful community for taking time to organize, plan and put hours into creating the tracks. It was a smooth process of good cooperation and using experiences from the previous campaigns.

Make sure to check out the credits to see the talented crowd behind these titlepacks - and our supporters of course!

Now have a lot of fun, and let us know what you think about the tracks and titlepack in general. Get the motors started!

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