Elite Pro Series Matches are starting with Day 1 on Wednesday 19th May! BE READY!

Posted on Shootmania Storm via AlinoA 3 years ago

Book your evening this Wednesday 19th May and take your popcorn!
4 matches will happen from 20:00 CEST until 00:00 CEST between the best Elite teams of Shootmania.

Here is the list of 8 teams qualified for the League Stage
eXeS eSport (Extasy, sparcO, Letnis, Liber)
Loud eSport (inSTAYY, Pixou, Nampo, zyKK)
Misterya eSport (Tropic, Zeno, Echo, Arn)
CrystaL Gaming (Xenom, Spart, Kdi)
Reason Gaming (Op, dan, Koo, Rottje)
oGen eSport (Nico, Loulou, Well Played, Shocky)
Rivage E-Sport (bzjtwh, Narwak, Strenx, MaS)
Lunar Elite (Lexmou, Cyb, Scody, Ewww)

The League Stage takes place from Wednesday 19th May until Wednesday 9th June with matches on Wednesday and Thursday during one month.
The FINALS STAGE will happen on June, 18th, 19th and 20th with the 4 Best Teams.

Enjoy the show on https://www.twitch.tv/exesesporttv
And follow https://twitter.com/eps_sm for getting all news and information about results, matches and streams.

Happy Watching!