Spring Nascar Cup 2021

Posted on Trackmania² Stadium via ρהє» Spyder. 2 years ago

Hey all,

SNC is back this year for the 6th edition !
Project Nascar Evolution (PNE) is pleased to present the Spring Nascar Cup 2021 !
The SNC is a Trackmania tournament in Nascar style.
We are a bit late this year but we finally decided to organize it !

* The cup will be played on TrackMania 2 Stadium.
* Registrations will be open from Saturday 15th May to Saturday 5th June.
* Starts on Sunday 6th June with the Opening Event and the first mappack release.
* Team mode 3vs3

Prizes : 1st team - 150€
2nd team - 100€
3rd team - 50€

You can read the rules for more information.
All teams are welcome !
Good luck and have fun all !