Nations Converter announcement

Posted on BigBang1112 3 years ago

Nations Converter is a project dedicated to people who would like to see their Stadium maps in the new game without having to worry about block-per-block copying. MediaTracker transfer (including clips and triggers) is also supported. Convert the tracks you have made in TMNF or TM2 Stadium into the new game this December!

This project is possible thanks to my newest library GBX.NET.

Watch the concept reveal:
Watch the newest preview:

I'm looking for mesh modellers that would be interested in remaking blocks from the original Stadium in the new Trackmania mesh modeller. If any of you are interested, DM me on Discord (BigBang1112#9489) and tell me what blocks are you interested to remake. I will tell you what you need to be aware of to remake the block successfully. Once you'll show your progress, I'll give you an early access to the converter in early November to appreciate your work.

You can check the list of needed blocks here.


Stay safe!