Posted on Obstacle via sbville 3 years ago

Hey everyone - the time has finally come!

Atria Improvisus has been in the works for months, and I can finally proudly say that the project is finished - and I’m not only talking about the original map.

I’ve made an easier version (inter-hard) of the map, called
Atria Improminus! This map has an easier version of every checkpoint, but so that you can still practice the hard checkpoints if you wish. This map can function as a less exhausting way to learn and practice for Atria Improvisus.

As with Polar Improvisus, we’re organising another tournament for this new map. Phase 1 will be held on
18th of July, 5PM CEST on the easier version of the map.

Full details in the Atria Discord:

See you there!