ENVIMIX is back in a new suit

Posted on BigBang1112 via NADEO ENVIMIX 3 years ago

The Nadeo Envimix title pack, originally released on June 13, 2018 - two years ago from today, has brought multiple car playability on the same track into easy accessibility. Over 10 thousand people tried the title pack. Even though the project had rather come from trial and error, it still marks the beginning of my title pack creation journey. Not saying that it's something spectacular, but for me, it was quite a change. It was like the first big big project I've managed to finish.

During 2019, I was thinking to rewrite the scripts and give the project a better and less buggy look. Now, it's the middle of 2020, and this is the time when the new Envimix Remake comes in, presented under ENVIMIX, finally arriving this August to the public access.

What is this about?
More exact release strategy will be specified later this month, but to clarify the project, it will be separated into two parts: Envimix Server Base and Nadeo Envimix Reworked.
Envimix Server Base is a set of gamemodes and content suitable for multiplayer envimix. Not only you can create your server based on the upcoming Envimix title pack (which will be basically a "wrapper title pack" for the server scripts), but you will be also able to apply Envimix Server Base to any other title pack.
Nadeo Envimix Reworked is the complete rewrite of the good old Nadeo Envimix with the Envimix Server Base features, long-awaited fixes, and a Challenge-like redesign.

Because title packs do take a lot of time and I have some stuff coming on the horizon, this is most likely my last title pack project.
I want to end this up in the best way I can. See you soon!

Watch the teaser or look at the forum post that reveals some features! Traditionally, you can show your support by joining the project.