TrackMania One - Speed | OUT NOW!

Posted on TrackMania One - Speed via TrackMania One - Alpine 3 years ago

It's finally time to present you the work that kept us being busy for about one year now. We are very delighted to announce that TrackMania One - Speed (the Remaster) is now available for free!

After a very intense time of modeling, developing, map creation and feature testing, the new titlepack is ready to be played!

As with every big new title, we introduced some new menu features next to a bunch of bug fixes. Our biggest one is the exclusive skin collection for Donators!

We highly recommend to read our whole blog post about the new Speed environment. It contains some backstory, in-depth screenshots and detailed explanations about the new features!
Check it out here:

Tired of reading? Understandable! Go watch our awesome Launch trailer by SNWFLKESTUDIO here:

To play the titlepack, visit the pack page in the ManiaPlanet Store or visit our titlepack page.
Title page:

Please make sure to report all oddities you stumble across and we will take a look at it.
Stay tuned for more updates to improve the general stability and add more features.

A big thanks goes to all beta testers, track creators, campaign organizers, artists and everyone else enjoying the game! You guys rock.

Join our community today! Our Discord server is welcoming you.

Now we wish you a lot of fun and we hope you'll enjoy the titlepack.

- unbitn studio