Mini 2 Hunt by G4'S (Friday, 1st May at 4pm)

Posted on Trackmania² Canyon via G4'S Zvarneÿ 2 months ago

Our member Putofsky organizes the Mini 2 Hunt Cup which will take place on Friday, 1st May at 4 pm CEST. The mappack will contain maps of differents styles (mini tech, mini fs, mini dirt etc...) with a 15 to 25 second duration. The mappack will be out on next monday (April, 27th around 8pm).
There will be 3 steps during this cup :
* Time Attack Seeding (5 maps, 3 minutes on each) to determine the best 8 players who will pass through next step.
* Semi finals in Rounds mod (121 points). Each player will have the possibility to ban one map. The 2 best of each semi finals will pass through the final step.
* The Finale in Cup mod (121 points, the 3 first places are played). Each player will have the possibility to ban a map.

A 3600 planet cashprize will be delivered at the end of this cup :
* 2000 for the 1st ;
* 1000 for the 2nd ;
* 500 for the 3rd ;
* 100 for the 4th.