Posted on Trackmania² Canyon via иαиo 11 months ago

Hi all !

The first edition of the Bold Cup is approaching really fast. On the 7th of september 2019 at 8pm (UTC+2, french time) a maximum number of 100 players will compete to win the massive prize of 100k Planets and a customized skin of the event.

What is the Bold Cup ?

It's easy, it's an event consisted of 7 original maps created by myself (@Banano_TV#7110 ) with very different styles without respawnable CPs and close to no ring CPs. Cutting is heavily recommended !

How does it work ?

You have 10minutes of Time Attack on each map. Your best time will be saved and after all maps have been played your total time will be calculated. The players with the lowest total time will win the prizes !

It's a fun competition, no need to go crazy about it so feel free to join us and play for the fun of discovering new maps !

Join the cup now and have fun ! JOIN