TrackMania One - Alpine | Out now!

Posted on UNBITN 4 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s finally time to release a new environment. It has been in development since June 2018 and during one year, a bunch of items became a whole collection of blocks and maps. Unbitn Studio is delighted to reveal its newest creation – TrackMania One – Alpine!

During the past 13 months we worked hard on our version of the the famous Snow environment from TrackMania.

After finishing and polishing the titlepack, it's finally ready to be played by you!

Besides over 800 blocks, updated graphics and new menu features such as a global map ranking and improved user experience, the titlepack also contains a rich solo-campaign containing 50 race tracks in best quality.
As always, we've added our own blocks and variants for you to have a lot of fun in the editor! It's fully possible to re-build old maps from the previous TM games. The original Snow vehicle physics allow you to play Alpine the same way you could back in previous TM games!

If you want to find out more about Alpine and its new features, we recommend to read the full release post on our new website.
Check it out here: Release post

If you want to know more about our development process and the reason why it took us so long to create Alpine; read more about the details here: Full details

Please note that the campaign mode and UI of the pack is still in heavy development and more features like a skin selection will arrive during the next days, so stay tuned!

However, enough time wasted. See it yourself ingame!

To play the titlepack, visit the pack page in the ManiaPlanet Store or visit our titlepack page. Official page

Check out the launch trailer, created by eyebo!

If you want to get in touch with the developers and community, we recommend you to join our Discord server!

Now we wish you a lot of fun and we hope you'll enjoy the titlepack. Tell more people about the project to help us grow!

Disclaimer: Activate the ingame music when you first open the pack and don't tab out of the game!

- unbitn studio