The Mini-RPG Championship Season 1 is looking for maps !

Posted on Trackmania² Valley via Rהg.Jeunejag 1 year ago

The Mini-RPG Championship Season 1 staff is looking for maps.

Requirements :
Name : mRPG'1 » [Map name]
Length : From 1min10s to 1min30s.
Mapping Feat : Allowed.
Mood : Day.
Custom blocks : Forbidden.
Mixmapping : Allowed if it's clean.
Difficulty : Medium.
Roofhits are allowed if consistent, which is determined by official map testers.
Maps needs to be spectacular, and a sign has to be added in front of the start.

Send your maps to any official map tester of the competition (Hazurl#2159, Mitryani#4967, Nuutzy#1696) and DO NOT put your map on mx !
Map request ends on August 3rd 2019.

More informations about the cup on the discord server :