unbitn is looking for you!

Posted on mx.eyeboSmurf via UNBITN 5 years ago

Hey player!
Are you looking for new content from the community? Bored of the maps you usually see? Time traveling isn't a thing yet but we did the first step - working on a conversion of the TrackMania United environments into ManiaPlanet.

Welcome to TrackMania One - the TrackMania United recreation project, proudly presented by unbitn studio.

So what do we do in particular? We are constantly working on re-creating and polishing the original 6 environments (Snow, Desert, Island, Bay, Coast and Rally) featured in earlier games of the TrackMania franchise. The project brings you new possibilities to have the best game experience:
• Remastered blocks
• Refined textures
• Original vehicle tunings
• A completely new menu and style experience
• Exclusive vehicle skins and models
• New environments to add to the known TrackMania 2 environments (soon)

You might have seen or even played the TrackMania One - Speed program already.
If you find this amazing, you might want to know more about it or even try it our yourself, right?

We invite you to join the TrackMania One community by joining our Discord server. You will have access to exclusive previews of our work, join our closed beta testing program and the possibility to get in touch with other players and us, the team behind this huge project.
As mentioned above, once we're ready to show off our work, we'll give interested players access to our closed beta testing program to help us improve each environment and give us their ideas to implement!

Don't hesitate to click the link below and become a part of this project today!

We're looking forward to seeing you!