The Aliens & Casual TM Cup is taking place this week-end !

Posted on GP CiremyxX 1 year ago

Hi all !

I'm sending this flash to remain you all that the
A&C will finally be played at the end of this week ! (30 & 31)
So far, there is 557 registrations, over 2k of unique connections on the public servers and 1171 members on the discord ! (Registrations are closing on Thursday for both tournaments and team leaders will be selected on Thursday)

Hope you will enjoy watching it on Solary [FR], CiremyxX[FR], Riolu [ENG] streams (official Twitch channels) and other pov's ! (And don't hesitate to ask CiremyxX if you want to cast it)

Don't forget to join the discord, available
[]Here, See y'all on Saturday & Sunday !