15th anniversary : Server's Race !

Posted on Ғox|CiremyxX 24 days ago

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Trackmania, I'm making a new event, on the RPG title pack this time : A Server's Race, on the 7th december 2018, 20:00 !
The first players who finishing the map on the last server win this race.
There will be 6 servers, with 1 map/server (Bullet Time, Sagada Hada, Zeitgeist, Only a Wooden Leg Remained, Moon Base 182 & Nadeo'Ica ; in this order), the event will start with 1 server opened, and once someone finishes the map, the second server willl open, ect ect...
And besides, TA wionly to win some prizes.
I'll make another post on the 2sd december, until then if you want more informations, tag @ciremyxx !
See you guys !)