My ootmania creations collection

Posted on ρuLse. crsh 2 years ago

Hey! Since long time I've been creating custom stuff for Shootmania. Well I wanted to make a list of all items I've done to this day. So there we go.


Neon item pack
[]Spider Item
Village Item pack part 1
[]Ladder Useable item
GreenScreen Item
[]Village Item Pack part 2
Village Item Pack part 3 +++ CITY SET
[]CITY the biggest custom object in antire Nadeo game series =)


NEVEC solider 3D skin model (the only public skin at this momment)
her skins


Village items showcase
[]Obstacle map created by Ben using my objects
GreenScreen item showcase
[]Shootmania in real life
custom items tutorials

Lost projects screenshots

Upcoming the hugest project -

custom experimental maps


Fun stuff

[]Car party
Random test
[]+1Music vid
Bot party
[]Shootmania Short series

At the end ;)