Nadeo Envimix Title Pack Update 8 (Leaderboard Phase 3)

Posted on BigBang1112 via NADEO ENVIMIX 5 years ago

A way of viewing leaderboard replays never seen before. Thanks for the recent activity!

- Clicking on a leaderboard record in menu will open a map with a special replay viewing gamemode allowing you to instantly spec a ghost or download it for later use. The replay is saved in Replays/Downloaded/Nadeo_Envimix folder
- Adjusted map name position ingame
- Fixed map name little color difference comparing to environment name
- Endscreen validator message shifted by two units up
- Rough translation
- Added leaks for multiplayer envimix

Known issues:
- Saved leaderboard replays do not show in old replay browser (you can view them in Multienvi title pack for now)