Nadeo Envimix Title Pack Update 7 (Leaderboard Phase 2)

Posted on BigBang1112 via NADEO ENVIMIX 5 years ago

Now way more friendly for hunting! Please report any on-going bugs. Phase 3 is on the way.

- Ingame menu now contains leaderboards with selectable replays from all the different cars! Selection of replays is remembered through switches between car leaderboards and zones. Click on a time to select ghosts to drive with.
- Added missing help button functionality
- Still work-in-progress leaderboards section available
- Campaign buttons now show amount of skillpoints for that campaign
- Replay saving now sets its proper name (includes environment and car automatically)
- Openplanet's Discord Rich Presence now shows map name with environment and car currently driving
- Removed the master server score status ingame in the corner

It wouldn't be an update without some changes to the endscreen though!

- Experimentally changed endscreen's skillpoint showcase logic which could fix the wrong skillpoint value shown
- Fixed endscreen's font for the last two records of the leaderboard