Nadeo Envimix Title Pack Update 5 (Relaunch)

Posted on BigBang1112 via NADEO ENVIMIX 5 years ago

Nadeo Envimix Title Pack Update 5 (Relaunch):
I've learned that a title pack must be tested no matter what before going hugely public. I've learned that records are super valuable thing and I must be really careful with gamemode updates. Please give it one more chance. <3
- All records and validations were removed
- Validation system reworked, everything should be now automatic and fully fair
- Activity points implemented! Right now received for validation and finishing a track
- Endscreen now shows between skillpoints and activity points every 2 seconds
- Added a time gaining animation in the endscreen
- Tracks of the day now give more activity points
- Pressing Enter in the endscreen now an alternative of pressing Continue
- News button which redirects to the newest Nadeo Envimix flash
- Fixed zone selection in menu
- Fixed a case where after improving personal best, the ghost didn't update
- Fixed request overspam for 3rd time

For each previous validation whenever it was wrong or correct, you guys recieved 50 activity points.