=RR= Dirt Title Pack no longer available

Posted on Dirt 3 years ago

Unfortunately, Maniaplanet 4 is not compatible with the =RR= Dirt Title Pack.

Each of the 110 maps included in the pack and all mods would need to be updated extensively, which would take several months.
Therefore, all the maps and mods were removed from the pack and the title was taken from the shop.

- The lightmaps of all maps must be recalculated
- Most maps that use modified blocks must be re-saved
- Maps with blockmixing are now completely broken
- New material for Stadium dirt requires new mod textures
- Modified font requires the adjustment of lines and bars in MediaTracker clips

Bugs with far-reaching consequences:
- Invalid camera targets and anchors in MediaTracker clips
- 2D triangles in MediaTracker clips are invisible

Please don't add any maps from this title pack to your servers that have not been updated by the map author. Thank you.