WTC TrialMaster 2017 #map3

Posted on TMPlus Canyon via TMPlus Canyon 3 years ago

The second map will soon end (reminder : 12th October at 19H00 UTC)
and once again everything is possible with a bunch of mad players (MaLaQuAsh Marius89, MaLaQuAsh Lars, CSb¹»Ripper, Châpelier, тв » ηιсο » WTC, TDAu@u)
ready for anything to pick a second.
Come have fun with the next map, map#3 from WTCイǐやĭ ĭ .
Thursday 12th October at 19H00 UTC on the server Trialmaster2017.

Summerize :
The competition takes place from 28 September to 7 December 2017 with a 10 maps set.
A new map starts each thursday around 19H00 UTC, on server canyon, WTC TrialMaster 2017 (you will need the TMPlus_Canyon@tipii title pack).
You have one week to make your best time on the current map.