Desperados * Last Chance To Register

6 months ago on Trackmania² Valley. Shared from Trackmania² Lagoon. - also known as on TMNF, is a Tech Tournament organized by GamePlay/KeyDrop. On the first edition of the tournament you can win many interesting prizes, like MICROSOFT XBOX 360 WIRELESS CONTROLLER. It's a LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER !

General provisions:
1. The organizer of the tournament is GamePlay / Key Drop ( ).
2. Players from Africa / South America / North America / Australia / Europe / Asia can participate in the tournament.

Conditions of participation:
1. To participate in the tournament, you must sign up in ''Tournaments -> Sign Up '' .
2. You can find the registration deadline in ''Tournaments -> Sign Up '' .

Tournament Rules:
1. After signing up for the tournament, each player will be assigned to the group.
2. Each participant has 14 days to training on the map.
3. Map's will be added directly to the server.
4. There is one map for each stage.
5. After 14 days of training the time of the competition is coming. :smiling_imp:
* The assigned group of players enters the server.
* The TimeAttack mode is open for 15 minutes.
* After 15 minutes the best results are won.
6. The number of tournament stage depends on the number of players.
7. Disqualification:
* Using Cut's
* Using Cheat's
* Using 2 or more Account's.
* Playing on other player account.
8. Track details:
* TitlePack: TMStadium
* Map Type: Race
* Environment: Stadium
* Length: Minimum 40 sec.
* Mood: Day
* Style: Tech
* Laps: NO!
* Ghostblocks : OK!
!9!. Tournament rules can change!