GG to Finalists of the ZrT Trackmania Cup 2018 and GL for the Grand Final in June, 30th!

4 months ago on Trackmania² Lagoon. Shared from Trackmania² Canyon.

Qualifier for the ZrT Trackmania Cup 2018 are over and here are the 8 finalists out of 2800 attendees:
Badlulu (FR), Plastorex (POL), ASM.Scrapie (BEL), GO.Papou (FR), GO.Aurel (FR), ZT.Bren (FR), Revolution (GER) and ZT.CARLJR (CAN), triple Trackmania World Champion.
The peak viewers reached more than 62 000 viewers on

GG to 2800 attendees and Good Luck to 8 finalists for the Grand Final that will happen on Saturday 30 June in Toulouse, France in the front of 5000 spectators:


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