Lagoon Champions Cup

Posted on Trackmania² Lagoon via ӡoo BressO 2 months ago

After months of planning and creating, I am finally able to present
the Lagoon Champions Cup to you. Over the next 3 weeks you'll have the chance
to prepare yourself on 3 maps for two qualifications (27th March [19:00 CET!] and 29th March [20:00 CEST!])
to secure yourself one out of eight spots for the Playoffs that will be held in mid April.

In order to sign up for the tournament, all you need is to join my discord
and post your maniaplanet login into #lcc_signup. (discord link can be found at the end of this post)

The 2 Qualifications will be played in normal Cup Mode with a point limit of 120 and 4 rounds/map.
Only the top 4 will advance.
Playoffs will be played in mid april.

You can train the maps on this server: maniaplanet://#join=bresso@TMLagoon@nadeo



1st - 15
2nd - 10
3rd - 5