ESA run

Posted on Shootmania Storm via faith оטноט 1 year ago

Hey guys!
If you don't know or don't remember, sbv is doing a ShootMania Obstacle run at ESA (speedrun marathon).
This run is taking place on next monday, so July 22nd at 1.05pm on second ESA Twitch channel :
During this run, he will play 4 maps:
First, he will play Step by Step by Aurel which show you the basics of Obstacle
Then he will play Prove Yourself which is the same kind of a map.
As 3rd map, he will play the famous Faith Improvisus.
To end the run, he will play Polar Improvisus which is a very long and hard map.
Don't miss that run, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it!
See you there!