Nadeo Envimix Title Pack Update 6 (Leaderboard Phase 1)

Posted on NADEO ENVIMIX 1 year ago

Big Leaderboard Update must be released in phases due to recently found major issues with record saving.

- Activities granted for each car are now visible in menu
- Leaderboard should now show black nicknames clearly
- Ingame UI now hides after endscreen is shown
- Gamemode code optimization
- Fixed wrong record saving between the finish and endscreen stage
- Fixed wrong ghost spawning and states after finishing a better run
- Fixed a case where when going too quickly through the endscreen/outro and press Improve, in the middle of the counter, the car respawned again
- Fixed a case where endscreen wouldn't show that you already validated this track after you changed your nickname
- Fixed the map name shadow in the endscreen
- Fixed the menu Exit issue properly